Organization Launches Campaign Against Obesity in Latino Children

Wireless devices can also help get parents and kids moving through  fun exercises such as dance. With the Workouts & Dance app, users can access the latest exercise videos featuring hip hop, salsa and Zumba dance styles. As families begin making these lifestyle changes, they can keep track of their progress with the Fitbit Aria Scale. The Wi-Fi enabled measures users’ weight, body fat percentage and BMI. Users can also use the scale to set goals for up to eight people.

The road to good health takes time and commitment. Let us know at @VZWnews how you are helping your family lead healthier lives.

Video provided by Salud America! The RWJF Research Network to Prevent Obesity Among Latino Children.

The health and well-being of  Latino youth is a growing concern with Latino families and health professionals alike. Research shows that Latino children are more likely to be obese than other children in the U.S., often due to not getting enough exercise or consuming too many sugary sweets, which can put children at risk for health issues and developing chronic diseases. To help get parents and kids in a healthier frame of mind, organizations like Salud America! are challenging Latino families across the country to eat healthier and participate in at least one hour of physical activity a day. 

Parents ready to help their families live healthier lives can turn to wireless technology. Apps like the Health and Nutrition Guide make it easy to plan healthy meals. The app provides users with easy-to-read nutrition charts and includes a Body-Mass Index (BMI), calorie and protein calculator so families can make informed decisions.