State-Of-The-Art Security Solutions for Safer Schools

A Detroit-based security systems company is using wireless technology to improve security and emergency response time at area schools.

Camtronics, a leading security systems integrator based in Detroit, Mich., recently collaborated with All Saints Catholic School in Canton, Mich., and the area police department to implement a custom, state-of-the-art lockdown system that automatically alerts law enforcement in the event of a threat, thus reducing response time and saving lives.

“It’s in situations like these that response time is critical,” said Mark Wellman, president of Camtronics. “A matter of seconds can save lives. We need to communicate with law enforcement a lot faster than we have in the past.”

Camtronics’ solution accelerates the process of contacting emergency services. Staff members can use one of the school’s 40 lockdown pull-down stations throughout the school to instantly warn faculty members and students of an immediate threat. Once triggered, alarms will sound within the school and, using Verizon’s 4G LTE network, alert law enforcement personnel at the Canton Police Department to dispatch police officers.

The lockdown system allows school officials to secure the school’s perimeters by automatically locking entries. Dispatchers can remotely access the school’s security cameras to provide police with real-time information, including the nature of the emergency, how many intruders exist and where to enter the building. Once police officers arrive at the scene, dispatchers can instantly unlock all the school’s doors via Verizon’s network so police can quickly neutralize the threat.

“Our hope is that these services can buy enough time that we can save the lives of children and keep heroic people from having to intervene and risk their lives,” said Wellman.

Camtronics’ custom machine-to-machine security solutions extend beyond educational institutions. Using camera systems that utilize thermal imaging and high-resolution video, organizations can remotely monitor their properties to detect vandalism, catch trespassers and reduce theft.

“Implementing the system is only the first step,” said Wellman. “We know that the real success comes in how well our clients can use the technology to safeguard their organization. It’s for this reason that we evaluate each client’s security needs, assess their current protocol, identify weaknesses in the process and help them adopt best practices that better safeguard their operation.”

The peace of mind that comes from ensuring a secure environment is priceless and technology will continue to evolve to provide even better security solutions.