Technology Enables Advanced Healthcare for Underserved Children

Roughly one in six U.S. residents has no private health insurance. Worse, these individuals – many of them children – often can’t access public care because their families lack affordable, reliable transportation.

The Verizon Foundation and Children’s Health Fund (CHF) recently teamed to equip 15 mobile medical clinics with the latest telemedicine technology, allowing specialized medical care to be delivered remotely within underserved communities. The first of these mobile clinics debuted at the University of Miami in a city where one in three children lives below the poverty level and the percentage of uninsured residents is nearly double that of the U.S. population.

Each mobile clinic is linked to a medical center via a secure 4G LTE wireless network so physicians can access patients’ electronic health records to update files, order tests, review diagnoses, make referrals or access immunization records. Through the program, specialists also perform screenings and monitor vital signs remotely, interacting directly with patients using video conferencing services.

The University of Miami mobile clinic is expected to regularly visit more than a dozen locations throughout Miami in the coming months.  More than 15,000 families nationwide will benefit from the CHF program this year, with mobile clinics planned for Dallas, Detroit, New York, Phoenix and San Francisco.