The Wireless Haunted House

Set the stage with eerie music using a wireless speaker like the Jawbone JAMBOX Bluetooth Speaker, which you can control from your mobile device. The speaker eliminates the use of power cords and allows you to be spot-on with scare timing. Plus, instead of standing by the

light switch to flicker the lights, use the Belkin WeMo Light Switch and the accompanying app to turn them on and off from afar. You can always change out your white light bulbs for red ones to create a ghoulish glow.

A haunted house also wouldn’t be complete without the sounds of scary voices. Stand behind a curtain and use the Scary Voice Changer app to talk to your guests with a ghostly, scratchy or wolf-like voice.

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Jack-o’-lanterns, scarecrows and spiders hanging above the front door are staple Halloween decorations. Fun, yes, but scary? No. If you really want to get into the Halloween spirit, go behind the scenes and create your own wireless haunted house.