Putting Together a High-Tech Tailgating Team

College and NFL football teams now have a few games under their belts, and fans are fine-tuning their strategically assembled tailgating teams for optimal fun. While the tradition of tailgating has long spurred an arsenal of specialty gadgets, fans are now leveraging the latest devices and apps to take game day to a new level. To ensure all aspects of the tailgate fall into place, make sure you have a person assigned to each spot in this all-star tailgating team lineup:

The play-caller: From the first tailgate of the season through the championship game, the play-caller makes sure the car, truck or RV is stocked with all the necessary items. When traveling to a new city or stadium, the play-caller is the first one to pull up directions. Like a clutch receiver in the end zone, nothing slips by.

The scorekeeper: Just because you’re tailgating at one game doesn’t mean you can’t monitor them all. Always checking scores and tweaking fantasy lineups, the scorekeeper is likely the one to have an extra charger handy to help ensure not a second of the action is missed.

The grill-master: It’s estimated that 95 percent of tailgaters prepare their food at the stadium, and this culinary connoisseur is no exception. More likely to use his or her smartphone to check meat temperatures than scores, the grill-master keeps the temperature high and hunger low.

The DJ: Just as the grill-master runs the chow line, the DJ mans the speakers to stream playlists and keep energy levels high. The DJ may even take special requests – as long as it’s not another team’s fight song.

The gamer: The gamer treats the parking lot like a personal playground. Whether playing cornholeKanJam or even vintage arcade games the gamer is a competitor at heart. The gamer may even get his or her team involved in the action or extend a challenge or two to other tailgate teams.

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