Intwine Connect Participates in Verizon Innovation Panel

UPDATE: To watch a replay of yesterday's livestream and to learn more about the Verizon Innovation Center, click here.

Today, executives from Intwine Connect, Vital Connect and Wi-MM will partake in a panel discussion featuring Tony Melone, CTO for Verizon, at Verizon’s newly expanded San Francisco Innovation Center. The Verizon Wireless News Center will be livestreaming the event here at 11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET.

Intwine Connect, a company based in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, has captured a critical opportunity for M2M — monitoring indoor air quality. The company’s M2M gateway product is installed in commercial buildings and homes to collect real-time data regarding air quality, which is then sent to whomever the customer desires – a doctor, caregiver, research center, etc. – for analysis.

Today, Intwine’s CEO Dave Martin will participate in a panel and discuss, along with other Verizon Innovation Program partners what it’s like to work with Verizon to bring innovative solutions to market. “We looked at other companies to partner with on this project, but Verizon’s network is the most reliable in 4G LTE,” Martin said. “They also are very involved in helping us get up and running.”

The Verizon Innovation Program includes a pre-certification program that enables Intwine Connect’s gateway technology to be certified more quickly to operate on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. In addition, Martin and his team have access to Verizon’s engineers to help in the development of the company’s products.

“Partnering with Verizon through the company’s Innovation Program not only gives us access to their sales team and engineers at the Innovation Center, it also allows us to present the best solution to the customer,” Martin said. “The knowledge and certification that we’ve gained through the program gives our customers confidence in the product.”