Behind the Scenes of “Linsanity: The Movie”

As “Linsanity: The Movie” appears in select theaters across the country, it marks the latest chapter in what has become a nationwide phenomenon. Producer Christopher Chen describes the excitement surrounding basketball player Jeremy Lin as a movement. Chen and his partners, Allen Lu and Brian Yang, begin documenting Lin’s basketball career after watching him become one of the top high school players in the U.S. However, it was his record-breaking streak with the New York Knicks and popularity in social media – Lin picked up more than 37,000 Twitter followers in one night – that signaled to the documentary makers that their Web series could become a film. 

In a recent Google+ Hangout, Chen, Lu and Yang sat with Verizon Wireless to talk about the role that social media and technology have played in fueling Linsanity: both the movement and the movie.