Stand Up to Bullying

National Bullying Prevention Month is held each October to raise awareness and educate teens and parents about prevention strategies; however, tools and resources are available all year long to keep the conversation going.

The BULLY Project, a social action campaign inspired by the film “BULLY,” is attempting to make its mark on society and change a culture of cruelty into one of compassion. The campaign’s “1 Million Kids” initiative provides teenagers with the opportunity to watch the film that inspired this movement as well as access to resources and tools to help them know how to deal with bullying when it occurs.

Alternatively, the MamaBear app provides parents and guardians with the ability to monitor their child’s Facebook account for use of obscene language, location check-ins and early signs of bullying. Parents download the app on their devices and customize their monitoring settings. Children, on the other hand, download the app and simply log in to be connected.

The FamilyBase service from Verizon Wireless allows parents to take the extra step in monitoring their children’s technology use and spotting early signs of bullying. The tool gives parents visibility into who their children are calling and texting, who is in their contact list, and what apps they are using at what specific times. Parents can lay restrictions on purchases, messaging, and voice and data usage. They also have the ability to schedule time limits based on when they want or don’t want their children using their phones.

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