Inside New York Comic Con

Comic books, video games, movies, anime, television shows and more will soon be on display at the Javits Center for New York Comic Con 2014. The pop culture convention runs from Thursday, October 9 through Sunday, October 12 and gives fans access to panels, autograph sessions and a chance to interact with fellow aficionados.

Whether a first timer or a Comic Con veteran, it can be overwhelming with so much going on. Last year, more than 133,000 people attended New York Comic Con. For those planning to go this year, it’s best to plan out the weekend in advance and find the panels you want to attend.

At the show, a smartphone loaded with the official mobile app is the ideal sidekick. It helps users find their way around and know where and when panels or autograph sessions are taking place. Guests can use the planner to add panels or events to a personalized schedule and receive alerts so they make it to each one on time.

With a diverse group of people attending, visitors should have their cameras ready to capture celebrities and fans dressed in costume. Setting a camera shortcut icon on a smartphone’s home screen makes it easy to turn on the camera and helps ensure a moment isn’t missed. Phones like the Moto X allow users to shake the device to quickly access the camera, while Windows phone users can hold down the camera button as a shortcut, eliminating the need to unlock and find the app. Finally, fans can share those pictures and make friends jealous by uploading the images to social networks.

Those unable to make it to New York can follow along using social media on their phones. Twitter users can follow @NY_Comic_Con and search the hashtag #NYCC for news, updates and pictures directly from attendees or exhibitors.