Use NFL Mobile to Become a Better Fantasy Football Manager

We’re well into the football season and by now fantasy team owners have a good idea of who their top performers are. In some cases, there may be a bit of “buyer’s remorse” on a few players who’ve disappointed. The flip side is you may have had a player or two with a breakout week. If Murphy’s Law is working (as it does for most) they were probably on the bench.

Fear not! A slow start does not have to doom your fantasy season when you have a solid resource such as Verizon’s NFL Mobile. With NFL Mobile you can adjust your roster, get stats, injury reports and expert advice.

The NFL has a lot of moving parts and the top concern in fantasy is getting points and beating your rival. Weekly bragging rights are a well-earned residue.

Check out the app and the information that can help with insight on roster moves. Look at some of the videos and see how the running backs are zig-zagging across the red zone and scoring. Want to see how players match up against next week’s opponent? NFL GameDay video can showcase who is adept at dodging the tacklers.

Where is that unheralded kicker going to show up? Who can make that 54-yard field goal when the team is tied with a few seconds left?

Remember that guy on your roster who had to be taken out of the game? Will he start next week or watch from the sidelines? Learn about the extent of the injury and then adjust your roster accordingly.

Always study what your opponents are doing – and don’t be shy about using the waiver wire. If you like a player, claim them – before someone else does.

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