Digitally Save Refrigerator Door Masterpieces

The start of school means an influx of art projects and refrigerator doors filling up quickly with handprint Thanksgiving turkeys and stick figure family portraits. That leads to the age-old question of which ones to save and where to put them.

Jeana Lee Tahnk of Cool Mom Tech wrote in a blog post, “When my daughter was in daycare, there wasn’t a day that would pass when she wouldn't come home with at least two masterpieces (i.e. a blank piece of paper with one piece of glitter and three marker lines.) Regretfully, a lot of the work from her minimalist period found its way to the recycling bin.”

Now, when the kids bring home more artwork than the fridge door can hold, or when it’s time to take them down, use technology to preserve the masterpieces. Apps like Artkive and Canvsly let you easily store and share the pieces just by taking a picture with your mobile device. They also allow you to digitally create gifts and keepsakes, such as a book of art for grandma’s birthday. 

Art projects can also be a fun activity at home, but if you don’t want to break out the crayons, markers and construction paper, have your little ones make digital masterpieces with Crayola ColorStudio HD. The app uses the Crayola iMarker, which looks and feels like a Crayola marker. There’s no mess, and the artwork can be saved and shared online.

Besides preventing clutter, saving artwork digitally also keeps memories safe from disasters such as fires and floods. Back up precious items with a free cloud service like Verizon Cloud so that the masterpieces you capture on your mobile device will be protected.

If you do, then 20 years down the road, you might be able to show your kids preserved copies of the masterpieces they created as a child – without having to dig through a box in the garage.