Creating a Marketing Video for Your Small Business

Savvy marketing companies are already using videos to educate customers, train employees and sell their wares while entertaining their clients and prospects through tools such as Vine and Instagram.

However, many small businesses have the misperception that video is costly and complicated to create. Not so. With a new HTC One or other smartphone on Verizon’s 4G LTE network, creating an effective marketing video can be simple and cost-effective. These tips* can help small business owners create a smart, valuable and succinct marketing video without fancy equipment or a professional production studio.

How to Create a Marketing Video

Define Target Audience. Define the certain group of businesses or consumers to target. Visualize the one person in that group who represents the ideal prospect. Imagine speaking directly to that person in the video.

Determine Overall Message. Identify the overall message to convey. Write it down and go back to it throughout the production process to be sure dialogue is on point.

Provide Value. Make sure the content of the video provides value to the viewer and is not just a sales pitch. Giving advice, solving a problem or teaching how to do something provides value to the viewer.

Keep it Short. Studies show videos need to be less than three minutes to keep viewers engaged. Try creating a series of separate videos if content won’t fit into that timeframe.

Create a Call to Action. At the end of your video, include a call to action telling the viewer what to do. For example, “Click here to sign up for my e-newsletter.” It’s an obvious and yet often overlooked step.

Optimize Video for Search. Identify keywords by creating a Google AdWords account and using the Keyword Planner. Then, include keywords in the video title, description and tag section.

Identify Yourself. Don’t forget to identify who you are and how viewers can find you. One way is to include a hyperlink to a website at the top of the description.

Distribute Widely. Now that you’ve created a video, distribute it as widely as possible. Consider creating a channel on YouTube and posting it there, embedding it on your website, uploading it to Facebook and Twitter and sending it out in your next e-newsletter.

Keeping these tips in mind, your small business will be ready to make its video debut.

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