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Stress-free Planning for Weekend Meet-ups

After a summer of travel and vacations, fall is the perfect time to plan gatherings to reconnect with friends and family. Traditional text and Facebook messaging have become the go-to ways to plan and coordinate weekend events. Research shows that social networking sites are increasingly used to make plans and keep close social ties.

Yet, the process for planning a weekend meet-up with buddies can be as cumbersome as organizing a mini-vacation. Here are some apps to help plan the big night out.

The WePopp app allows users to choose an activity from a list of categories that range from drinks or meals to parties or weekend excursions. Friends can then vote on the date and time. WePopp is an alternative to sending and receiving dozens of text messages.

Doodle is another mobile app that makes getting together easier. Doodle enables users to respond to meeting polls, initiate polls and see the results from their smartphones. Friends can even comment on the polls to reach an agreement as to where they’d like to meet. This app helps in reaching a consensus and eliminates the chaos that occurs when everyone is throwing out ideas at once.

For those who prefer a collaborative approach, Rundavoo allows friends to vote on their group’s activity. One member will start the process by selecting a particular activity and its details. Friends can then extend the action with votes of yes or no or suggest alternatives, which can include comments.

Whether planning for a sports gathering, party or leisurely dinner, these mobile apps can help streamline the process.