Home, Safe Home With Wireless Monitoring

Did I remember to put the garage door down? Did I forget to set the thermostat? Is my front window closed? Are the outside lights coming on when it gets dark?

If you’re like 40 percent of Americans, you worry about keeping your home safe and secure when you’re away. With the Internet of Things, a smartphone or tablet can be the key that unlocks your peace of mind.

What was once a futuristic dream is now a reality as appliances and home systems can now communicate with wireless devices. Remote home monitoring has become so mainstream that Amazon recently launched a storefront for programmable thermostats, smart locks, sensors, video monitors and more.

Law enforcement experts suggest residents keep the lights on to make their home look occupied while they’re away. Turn the family room lamp on or off from another room or another city using the Philips Hue connected light bulb. The personal wireless lighting enables you to create and control light using your Android or iOS device. 

Want a do-it-yourself home alarm? Available through the Verizon Innovation Store, the Tattletale portable wireless security system requires no phone lines, no wires and no installation. Just plug it in for a 300 foot wireless protection perimeter that includes smoke detectors as well as glass break, door, window and motion sensors. The system is supported by round-the-clock live monitoring along with text and email notification and a mobile app for remote access.

Forgot to set the thermostat before you left? No problem with the Nest Learning Thermostat. Nest remembers the temperatures you like, turns itself down when you're away, sends monthly energy reports and can be remotely controlled when you’re on the go using your phone or tablet.

A wireless remote monitoring system can make your “home, sweet home” into a “home, secure home.”