Sleep Better With Mobile Technology

Daylight saving time ends on Nov. 3, which means most of the United States will “fall back” and gain an extra hour in their day. For many, this means catching up on much-needed sleep. An estimated 50 to 70 million adults in the U.S. have sleep-related issues. As the clocks turn back this year, look to mobile apps and accessories to help adjust and improve your sleeping patterns and stay well-rested.

For soothing sounds to help you doze off, the Sleepmaker Rain app is the dream ticket. The app features live rain recordings that have been digitally looped to simulate gentle showers; a sleep timer; and 20 tracks featuring soft, medium and heavy rainfall that will have you in dreamland in no time. Similarly, Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep is an audio therapy app that lets you tune into the sounds of the outdoors. Choose from six relaxing sounds, including distant thunder, rolling ocean waves and chirping birds, to help guide you into a deep slumber.

Want to understand your sleeping habits better? Sleep Cycle is a bio-alarm clock app that uses your device’s accelerometer to monitor your movement and analyze sleep patterns. The app’s alarm function targets the best time in your sleep cycle to wake up so that you feel rested and ready to take on the day. For a more scientific approach to getting the rest you need, Sleep Genius offers unique features to ease you into natural sleep rhythms. The app uses technology tested and used by NASA astronauts and provides timed and continuous sounds that sync brainwave patterns to predetermined sleep frequencies.

You can also help shape your sleeping habits earlier in the day with exercise. A recent poll by the National Sleep Foundation found that people who engage in light, moderate or vigorous exercise are significantly more likely to get a good night’s sleep. Use wearable tech accessories like the Jawbone UP and Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker to enhance your fitness experience and keep track of your movement throughout the day.

Here’s to enjoying a good night’s sleep. Sweet dreams.