Prepay to Connect. Be Ready When You Need It.

Tablets are quickly becoming integrated into our daily mobile lives. According to the Pew Research Center, in September 2013, 35 percent of Americans over the age of 16 owned a tablet, up from approximately 27 percent the same time in 2012.

While many tablet users choose to connect to the Internet via a Wi-Fi connection in their home, airport or hotel, many people are discovering times that a cellular network connection is needed or desired. For example, if Wi-Fi isn’t available in a specific location or the security of a public Wi-Fi network is questionable, cellular is the way to go.

For customers who have a need – either spontaneously or in certain situations or locations – to connect to the large, secure and reliable wireless network, Verizon Wireless now offers a prepaid  $5 Daily Plan for tablets and connected devices. Whether it’s a tablet like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 or a connected device like the Samsung Galaxy CameraTM, customers who choose the prepaid Daily Plan will receive 300 MB for the day. The Daily Plan lasts 24 hours or until the most recent 300 MB is exhausted, whichever comes first. If a customer runs out of data, they can purchase another 300 MB for an additional $5.

For customers who need more than one day, there are now new monthly prepaid plans for connected devices and tablets. These plans last for 30 days or until the customer uses all of the purchased data.