When Food and Technology Meet

Whether you’ve never cooked before, are a rookie chef learning to make your first dinner or consider yourself an expert in creating culinary cuisine, technology plays a part in how you experience food.

"Technology has transformed my cooking experience. I cook to share and evoke emotions with my readers, and technology makes that possible,” said Melissa Bailey, blogger for hungryfoodlove.com. “I can reach information I need instantly through apps or mobile sites. I can show the world what made my belly happy, and I can capture my culinary masterpieces through stunning images."

Companies like GE are now offering you the option of turning your smartphone into a remote control. The GE Brillion app makes it possible for you to keep an eye on your food without having to wait around in the kitchen. Now, with a Brillion-enabled appliance, you can preheat the oven, get an alert when your cookies are done or adjust the temperature from anywhere in your home. 

There are also countless apps that allow you to experiment in the kitchen. Coming up with new and inventive recipes is easier than ever with the help of apps like BigOven, Epicurious and AllTheCooks, which offer thousands of suggestions for creative spins on a variety of dishes.

In addition, apps such as Fooducate, Superfoods and The Gluten Free Scanner allow you to check nutritional facts right from your mobile device. According to Pew Internet & American Life Project’s Mobile Health 2012 survey, about 31 percent of all mobile phone users look up health or medical information on their devices.

Keep up with the latest technologies to effortlessly enjoy cooking dinner.