Celebrating Christmas in Asia

With the holiday season underway, you may be among the many Asian Americans traveling abroad to visit relatives and friends. Besides learning to say “Merry Christmas” in the local dialect, you may also be curious how the holiday is celebrated across Asia, where each country infuses the Christmas spirit with its own unique customs.

People in the Philippines begin to sing Christmas carols as early as September, earning the country the distinction of celebrating the world’s longest yuletide season. Filipino holiday traditions include decorating homes with parols, star-shaped lanterns, and the annual Giant Lantern Festival, a major celebration held the Saturday before Christmas Eve.

In addition to the standard red and white outfits, Santas in South Korea also dress in blue and white costumes. Many department stores employ a Santa – known as “Grandpa Santa” by the locals – to greet shoppers and give out candy.  

In India, mango and banana trees are decorated with lights and ornaments instead of traditional Christmas trees. Some Indians also adorn their homes with mango leaves and place small clay lamps on their rooftops.

The Christmas season is one of the biggest retail periods of the year in China and Hong Kong, with many buildings and shopping centers decked out in elaborate holiday decorations. Virtually every restaurant in this part of the world remains open on Christmas Day to host holiday feasts and gatherings. 

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