Use Your Rolling Pin Alongside Your Mobile Device

The holidays are here! When it comes sharing, what says you care more than homemade gifts from the heart? That’s why this holiday season, Verizon has hand-picked the best of the best holiday baking apps, to help you spread a little Christmas cheer to your friends, family and colleagues.

First on your list: Pinterest. This hybrid social networking and blogging site is sure to get your culinary creativity flowing. With thousands of recipes, including what’s trending this year, you can find the “pinspiration” you need to shine this holiday season.

Stress over teacher gifts getting the best of you? Now, when your child comes home from school, hoping to top all the other kids in the class, baking those award-winning cookies will be a piece of cake, thanks to Yummly. Not only does this app allow you to search by ingredients, you are also able to create shopping lists and filter your results by preference to help you find the perfect recipe for each teacher. And don’t forget to save your favorite recipes into your personal digital recipe box for future holidays.

Baking multiple desserts for your multiple holiday gatherings? Using Timer+ will ensure each dish is baked to perfection. Timer+ is a timer app that can run multiple countdowns at once, even allowing you to personalize each timer with a different chime. Keeping track of multiple dishes in the oven has never been so easy! 

Don’t let your sweet Christmas end after the baking is through – keep the kids entertained during long holiday travels with Bake Cupcakes and Cupcakes Shop. Both games are filled with hours of fun as your kids “bake” cupcakes to advance to the next level. While they’re mastering the virtual kitchen, you’ll make it to grandma’s house in one piece.

Use these apps and ideas to make this Christmas even sweeter with the help of your Verizon device.