Tech to Help Save Money and Avoid the Holiday Shopping Blues

Since Internet shopping has increased dramatically in recent years, it’s sometimes hard to find the best deals online. This year, ShopGenius wants to help you sort out the bad deals from the good to save you the most money possible. ShopGenius accesses your Internet browser to let you know if the site you’re on has the best deal for the product you want. It automatically directs you to the websites with the better deals, cutting out the lengthy process of finding the best bargain yourself.

If your holiday list has to be checked more than twice, the Gift List app can help you keep track of your gifts while also keeping you on budget. You can break down your list into smaller lists based on categories such as the person or type of gift. The app calculates your total spending and even how much you’ve spent on each person to make sure you stick to your budget.

The Verizon Wireless "Tis the Season for Tech Gifts" series provides holiday gift suggestions for everyone on your list this year.

The holiday season has officially arrived, bringing with it beautiful decorations, delicious food and sometimes, a thinning wallet. Have no fear this year; these tech suggestions can help you find balance and help make sure something is left over at the end of the holidays besides the unwanted fruitcake.

With all the impulse buys and “special savings” offerings during the holidays, it can be easy to overspend without thinking twice about your purchases. The app can help you keep your spending in mind by allowing you to link all of your different accounts in one convenient location. even gives you tips and alerts on how to save money, making it perfect for the holiday shopping rush.

With the SnipSnap coupon app, you can toss your scissors to the side and access all of your coupons from the convenience of your smartphone. SnipSnap allows you to simply snap a photo of the coupon and store it for use whenever you wish. You can also browse through the millions of coupons uploaded by other SnipSnap users to help you find the best deal.