If You Got a DROID Smartphone

When you get a new DROID device (MINI, ULTRA, MAXX) you didn’t just get a smartphone. It’s really five gifts in one:

1.     The Gift of Music – For a limited time, the purchase of one of the new DROID devices gets you six months of Google Play All Access Music at no additional charge. You can play millions of songs from your device and create customized stations -- with no ads. Plug in headphones or connect the phone to your favorite speakers and you’re set. You’ll be the DJ at this year’s holiday parties.

2.     Less Pocket Clutter – Softcard Mobile Wallet* transforms your smartphone into a wallet and eliminates the need to carry credit cards, loyalty cards and special coupons. With a single tap, you can make a payment or redeem an offer at participating merchants. Leave your wallet at home.

3.     A Good Listener – Touchless controls let you speak to the smartphone and tell it what you want it to do, without tapping or touching. Saying “Ok Google Now” wakes it up, and then you can give it commands like “Play some <Artist name>” or “remind me to buy my sister a birthday present.” 

4.     A 10 Megapixel Camera – Nobody wants to post blurry or dark pictures to Instagram or Twitter, because they won’t get many likes or retweets, not to mention people need to squint to see them. The 10-megapixel camera on the DROID devices can do the trick, even in low light conditions. Being able to turn on the camera app by just shaking the phone twice means less time fiddling to find the camera app and more time snapping photos.

5.     The Gift that Keeps on Giving – The latest version of Android—4.4 Kit Kat—is coming to the DROID devices. The new software update brings features such as full screen mode, color emoji support and an updated camera for enhanced images. The new software is being pushed out in phases. Customers who want to download the update can do so by going to Settings > About Phone > System Updates.

*UPDATE: Google and Softcard have completed an agreement that will leverage the best technology from both companies to create a more robust mobile wallet for consumers. The mobile payment system will keep the Google Wallet name. Read more here.