Put Your Talents to Good Use on International Volunteer Day

For many nonprofit and charitable organizations, volunteers are one of the most important success factors. Whether it’s putting minds to work tutoring children, lending a hand building homes, or investing donations that fund essential community programs and services, few things are as rewarding as helping others. In recognition of International Volunteer Day, here are ways mobile technology can connect volunteers to a worthy cause to make an even greater difference.

One of the best resources to get started is the VolunteerMatch.org app. It offers opportunities for nearly 100,000 organizations, reviews from past volunteers and a search feature that lets users find causes that matter most to them.

Once volunteer opportunities are coordinated, Trensy helps users keep track of hours, earn points for service, join teams with others, and challenges friends and family members to participate. Beyond donations of time, effort and money, Trensy also tracks actions like using public transportation or picking up trash in public areas.

For those looking to put their own expertise to good use, Catchafire can link them with organizations that need their professional skills. From fundraising to photography and advertising to accounting, individuals can give back to nonprofits and build their résumés at the same time.

Many companies also promote volunteer and community efforts for their employees. For example, through its Verizon Volunteers Program, Verizon provides grants to organizations where employees volunteer on a regular basis. And, with its Matching Gifts Program, Verizon matches employee donations to schools of up to $5,000 and to other 501(c)(3) organizations of up to $1,000 each year.  

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