Start Your New Year’s Resolutions Now

According to The University of Scranton Journal of Clinical Psychology, the No. 1 and No. 5 top-ranked resolutions are to lose weight and to get fit, respectively. Other popular resolutions include getting organized, spending less and saving more, and enjoying life to the fullest.

Ray Williams, the author of “The Leadership Edge, Breaking Bad Habits,” advises that in order to be successful, you shouldn’t wait until New Year's Eve to make and start carrying out your resolutions; rather, “make it a year long process, every day.”

If you are looking to start now, there are a variety of helpful tech tools to get you where you want to be.

Fitbits and Fitness Pinspiration 

For losing weight and getting fit, Rachel Steffen’s fitness inspiration board on Pinterest offers tips to combat thoughts of giving up on a fitness plan. Cassey Ho’s Blogilates Printables marry fitness with infographics for step-by-step exercise instruction. Incorporate this virtual instruction with a Fitbit Force, which allows you to set and track fitness goals, while providing a compelling reason to make time for a quick workout before that New Year’s Eve party.

Better Budgeting

According to a 2012 Gallup poll, only 32 percent of Americans plan and use a budget. Using tech to track spending eliminates perceived hassles of following a financial plan. Goodbudget is a free envelope budgeting app that has room for you and a partner to share spending information. For a small monthly charge, up to five family members can manage their expenses against the household budget.

Another tool to help save money is Softcard Mobile Wallet*. With instant access from a tablet or smartphone, you can access loyalty cards and coupons before making your next purchase.

Visualize Victory

According to Cassie Starinsky, a life coach in Columbus, Ohio, many of her successful clients begin their resolutions using vision boards that incorporate images of what success looks like to them. She recommends Happy Tapper, an app that allows you to create vision boards on your smartphone.

Start Now to Succeed

Personal trainer and wellness coach Lisa English, owner of Beyond Fitness with Lisa, says that more than 90 percent of people who make New Year’s resolutions fail. Waiting until January to start a resolution delays action and perpetuates the thinking that one has to wait for the “perfect” conditions to begin making progress. English believes that any sustainable lifestyle change starts with a change in thinking, not with a new week or a new year.

Similarly, Starinsky says change is difficult, even painful, and desired changes are likely unsustainable if one waits until Jan. 1 to kick it off. She coaches her clients to make small incremental changes in order to adopt new habits and walks them through the stages of change including contemplation, action and maintenance.

Whatever the change, there’s no need to wait until Jan. 1.

*UPDATE: Google and Softcard have completed an agreement that will leverage the best technology from both companies to create a more robust mobile wallet for consumers. The mobile payment system will keep the Google Wallet name. Read more here.