Snowbirds Flock South; Tech Tips for the Trip

It’s the time of year when millions of folks from colder climates head south to seasonal homes near beaches, lakes, deserts and other warm-weather sanctuaries.

Today’s wireless tech can help make the trip and entire winter visit safer, stress-free and fun for these flocks of snowbirds.

For those facing a long drive south, Delphi Connect with 4G LTE offers great solutions to troubleshoot and monitor a vehicle. The device, paired with a smartphone, helps users decipher “check engine” codes, open car doors if the keys were inadvertently locked inside, start the engine, and precisely locate a parked or moving vehicle. The technology also turns a car into a rolling wireless hotspot so passengers can access the Internet and pass the time during a trip.

VZ Navigator is one of many smartphone and tablet apps that help make drives more efficient. The app offers a wide range of rich features well beyond most navigation programs.  One feature even lets motorists locate nearby gas stations and find the lowest fuel prices.

Once away, there shouldn’t be any worry about the empty northern nest. Solutions such as Tattletale and Belkin HD NetCam provide remote home security and peace of mind when teamed with a smartphone. The Dropcam Pro camera sets up in a flash and features a remote-controlled 8x zoom lens, night vision and an option to share the video stream with friends. Beyond remote monitoring, the Belkin WeMo Switch connected to a user’s smartphone will allow them to control a wide variety of home electronics and appliances while away.

Homeowners can give their seasonal homes a boost with numerous wireless services and accessories. The Verizon Wireless Home Phone Connect lets a home phone be taken anywhere there’s Verizon Wireless coverage, while the 4G LTE Broadband Router with Voice  provides high-speed Internet and calling. If a vacation home is in a remote location with limited broadband options, solutions such as HomeFusion Broadband and 4G LTE mobile hotspots and Jetpacks are other ways to stay connected as they provide fast, reliable Internet connections via the 4G LTE network.

These and many other new technologies will help keep snowbirds singing happily until it’s time again for the trip back north.