Inspiration for Your Next Novel

Writing on either a short or a long deadline is demanding, as any author will describe, but today’s mobile tech can help inspire the perfect word – even on a dark and stormy night.

The latest smartphones and top tablets feature a wide variety of apps for writers on the go.

The Spice Mobile app can add pop to your prose by tapping into its comprehensive collection of famous literature.  When you type in a word or topic, the app displays how some of the world’s literary giants might have covered the idea.  The goal clearly is not to copy the greats, but to be inspired by their flair and flavor.   

Write or Die is an app that lets you set a word count goal and then punishes you if you don’t meet it.  According to its creator, “As long as you keep typing, you’re fine, but once you stop typing … there are consequences.”  The punishment ranges from a gentle pop-up message to an unpleasant tone to “Kamikaze Mode,” where your work will unwrite itself.

There are also numerous dictionary, thesaurus and grammar apps to keep your copy clean, concise, colorful, creative … or alliterative.

If you want to quickly capture a thought or fleeting phrase while driving, Dragon Dictation can help with advanced voice-to-text capabilities. For typing during travel, there are many lightweight Bluetooth keyboards that will work with your tablet and smartphone.

Other wireless accessories to help a hopeful Hemingway include speakers for mood-setting music and headphones to drown out distractions.

Wireless tech can help aspiring authors avoid numbing narrative anytime. The end.