Smart Bed System Leverages Mobile App for Connected Healthcare

Imagine being able to “see” the motion, heart rate, and respiration rate of a patient while they are in a bed. Professional caregivers utilizing BAM Labs smart bed technology are doing just that to prevent falls, reduce pressure ulcers, and improve health management. 

Using a mobile app combined with cloud monitoring and a touch-free sensor under a mattress allows caregivers to manage bed exits and position changes for patients in all kinds of healthcare facilities. This unique solution can help address the $60 billion spent each year by the U.S. healthcare system related to pressure ulcers and falls.

According to a pilot study conducted through Care Home By RNs, using BAM Labs’ Touch-free Life Care (TLC) smart bed system, senior residents in a skilled nursing facility were monitored for 60 days with no falls reported, no new pressure sore wounds, improved documentation of sleep patterns and continuous monitoring of motion and turning while in bed.

“A smart monitoring device without wires is a big plus and an exciting new development that puts Care Homes by RNs at the forefront of smart residential care homes,” said  Ron Ordona, MSN, RN for Care Home by RNs. “BAM Labs’ TLC System enables me to remotely monitor residents ranging from trends in their heart rate and respiratory rates to bed exits and bed turns.”

Dayna Hurst, RN, campus director, Sisters of the Holy Names, said not a single fall has occurred in any bed in her skilled nursing wing that has the smart bed system.“TheBAM Labs’ TLC System enables caregivers to collect patient data, so we can implement person-centered care based on patterns and trends specific to the individual, which is far more valuable than dealing with a one-time episode.”

BAM Labs next generation of connected care transforms a bed into a smart bed to enable professional caregivers to securely monitor patients via mobile and the cloud.  More than 185 million biometric data points have been collected since 2011 – without touching a single person.

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