Making Medical Identification Mobile and HIP

Anxiety and fear of the unknown are feelings my wife and I felt when the doctor told us our then two-year-old son Angelo has diabetes. It felt like taking home a new born.

That diagnosis came in 2006, and now every day Angelo pricks his finger six times and takes an insulin needle three times. We constantly track every meal and monitor his activity level. Every three months we visit his endocrinologist.

As parents, reality sets in, how will others know Angelo has diabetes and what happens during an emergency? We purchased several medical alert bracelets, but Angelo was reluctant to wear them because they weren't fun. We had to figure out how to make him keep it on, that's when I decided to use my background in the jewelry business to create a bracelet for him.

One day, while watching our sons at karate, I began telling my friend Christopher Melo how I wanted to enhance the medical alert bracelet by adding technology. In between roundhouse kicks Health ID Profile was born. The company offers a simple mobile solution that works with our HIP Medical ID Bands using NFC (near field communication) technology that requires just a simple tap. And, yes, HIP stands for HealthID Profile.

NFC is available with many new smartphones and tablets and working with Verizon Wireless is a perfect fit for HIP. Verizon's leading 4G LTE network allows customers to get the quickest access to critical medical information. The power of the network helps enable a person to easily manage their own health condition and in an emergency, a first responder could quickly retrieve a person’s medical information.

In addition to the patent pending HIP NFC technology, we offer trendy HIP Bands and bracelets that use cloud-based technology allowing our wearers to add, update and sync critical medical information right to their HIP Bands. Our latest HIP technology will also be in HIP activewear.

HIP'S goal is to offer peace of mind so if there is a medical emergency our wearer’s vital information can be communicated if they can’t share it. We believe being HIP could help save lives. 

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