Finding the Right Mobile Device Case for Any Situation

Women and men alike want mobile devices that are as fashionable as they are functional.

Just ask Erin Hohnbaum, owner of three E.Leigh’s stores in Arkansas. Being the owner of a fashion boutique enables her to have fun and be flexible with her smartphone cases, but she recognizes that the fashionable businesswoman or businessman may not have the same options.

“Well, fashion is my business, so if I’m in a meeting, no one would be surprised to see me checking email on a phone with a case that has a lacy print or one with polka dots and stripes. They might be more surprised to see me with a plain black case,” says Hohnbaum. “However, just because you’re going to be in the boardroom doesn’t mean you have to be boring.”

“Jewel-tone cases are perfect because they can be vibrant and bold and don’t have to match your outfit perfectly,” she says, noting that today, it’s a fashion faux pas to match accessories as was practically required once upon a time.

For those who lean toward the eclectic brands, Uncommon, Juicy Couture and Incipio offer a wide range of fun and funky designs, while Otter and Mophie tend to be more straightforward, yet still stylish.

No matter the intended look, check out the Get Hip zone or stop by the nearest Verizon Wireless retail store to find one that fits any fashion style.