Five Advanced Things You Didn’t Know Your Smartphone Can Do

Everybody has a friend or family member who’s considered the “techie” of the group. They are the folks who know about gadgets long before they hit the market and are eager to share their latest tech discovery with just the slightest urging. Or, maybe that techie is you. If you’ve mastered the tips from both the first and second blog posts in this series, the list below contains advanced smartphone capabilities of which you may not be aware.

    1. Measure the speed of a moving object: Ever wonder how fast a moving object was going? Well, now you can measure the speed of moving objects using your smartphone. Download the Smart Distance app to measure the distance from the phone to the target. Once you have the distance, use the app Speed Gun to measure the speed of the targeted object.

    2. Identify any image using Google: You have the ability to search almost anything on Google using text, but imagine being able to identify real-world objects using photos via the same search engine. That’s exactly what Google Goggles allows you to do. After you take a picture of a painting, landmark, barcode, QR code, product or popular image with your camera phone, Google Goggles uses its database to retrieve information on that object.

    3. Connect to a TV screen for gaming: Many gamers feel limited by the smaller screens on their smartphones. The Ingeo Smartphone Dock solves this problem by connecting your smartphone with your TV, allowing you to play mobile games on a larger screen.

    4. Stitch photos together: Pic Stitch gives you the ability to stitch different pictures together and make panoramas. There are more than 230 different layouts to choose from that can then be easily shared via Instagram, Twitter or other social networks.  They can be saved into a photo album or shared via email as well.

    5. Mail a postcard: Sometimes a text or email just doesn’t cut it when it comes to communicating with loved ones and friends. Postcard On The Run allows you to take a snapshot using your smartphone and send real-life postcards to those you care about. These postcards can be sent to anyone from anywhere in the world.

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