One Gift, One Smartphone and a Life-Changing Journey

In December 2010, Linda Richards opened a Christmas present that transformed not only her appearance, but her life. She received a Fitbit, a wireless device that tracks her every step taken, calories burned and movement made, as well as her sleep patterns, and then syncs the information to her smartphone and computer.

At the time, Richards was overweight and had recently lost her job. With her husband’s encouragement, she joined a 24-hour gym where she could work out when others weren’t around. While at the gym she entered and won a weight-loss competition and discovered a competitive side she didn’t know she had. Feeling victorious, Richards continued to work out with the Fitbit by her side to achieve her goal weight and adopt a new, healthier lifestyle. 

Today, Richards is 155 pounds lighter and is a certified fitness trainer and weight loss coach, helping others transform their bodies and their lives. She credits the Fitbit for her amazing weight loss by serving as a guide and motivator to achieve her weekly and monthly goals, and even influencing her decision to help others.

“After I had become a trainer and a weight loss coach, I realized the most important thing that I had was accountability and motivation. Looking back, that is what Fitbit did for me,” Richards said.

Now in the best shape of her life, Richards inspires others to improve their lives using the Fitbit. She gives one to each of her clients and is able to monitor their progress and ensure they’re keeping up with their training regimens. “It helps me help them get better and ensures that they are honest with me,” she says.

Richards ’s other favorite workout gadget is her smartphone, which is synced with her Fitbit and also helps her shop for food, try other fitness apps, do online health and fitness research, find cycling routes, and stay in touch on 100-mile bike rides alone and with her husband.

“My smartphone is my peace of mind when I’m riding. I would never go riding or running without my phone,” she said.

With one gift and a smartphone, Richards’ life-changing journey shows nothing is impossible to achieve.