New Year; Upgraded Options for New Devices

Unwrapping new wireless gadgets has become a holiday tradition for many families. Last year, the Consumer Electronics Association estimated that the average consumer would spend $250 of their holiday budget on consumer electronics, with tablets, smartphones, fitness trackers, watches and other wearable technology in the top gift categories.

If you received a Verizon Wireless device, it’s important to take the time to properly set up and familiarize yourself with it and the services available. In fact, you can attend a free Wireless Workshop in your area that’s dedicated to your specific smartphone, tablet or operating system to ensure the best wireless experience.

As you get started, make sure you’re on a wireless plan that fits your family’s communication styles and tendencies. Verizon Wireless offers a Share Everything Plan that allows you to connect up to 10 devices with unlimited talking and texting and a variety of shareable data allowances.

Apps such as Verizon Messages offer additional ways to stay connected with family and friends. The free app offers multi-device messaging to keep your conversations going even if you switch between your smartphone and tablet. Plus, the app lets you customize messages with images, notifications and signatures; it’s a fun way to send out invites to your next party with a personal touch. The app also works as you make plans with others, including sharing your current location using the time-based sharing service, Glympse.

If you’re a parent, safety is likely a top priority for any new device your kids receive. Verizon Wireless offers FamilyBase, which allows you to supervise your child’s phone usage. You can remotely lock your child’s phone to prevent late-night texting and unwanted content. Using FamilyBase can help you jumpstart a year of healthy mobile habits for your family.

Additionally, with new mobile phones on the market, you no longer have to wait on a contract to upgrade to the latest smartphone. The Verizon Edge plan makes it possible to upgrade every year without a long-term service contract, providing more flexibility to get the device you want.