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Get Organized With a Little Help From Technology

Another new year means another opportunity to set and attain goals for yourself. This year, your smartphone can help you keep your 2014 resolution to be more organized, whether in your personal life, professional life or both.

Better money and budget management are often top New Year’s resolutions. Master the skill of organizing your personal finances this year with the app. can help you keep your spending under control by linking all of your accounts in one convenient location as well as providing professional financial advice.

Beyond managing your finances, meal planning can also be time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming. Help yourself get organized and get healthy meals on the table each day by using the ZipList app. ZipList allows you to set your weekly meal plans in minutes with more than 1 million recipes stored in its database. You can also organize your shopping list and quickly see which items are on sale to streamline your grocery shopping and meal preparation in 2014.

To keep all your day-to-day responsibilities on track in 2014, reQall will act as your personal assistant, organizing your appointments and to-do lists. It even gives you last-minute reminders before must-attend events. With the 30/30 app, on the other hand, you simply set up a list of tasks and the amount of time you’d like to spend on each one. When time runs out for one task, 30/30 moves on to the next one, keeping you productive throughout the day.

Start 2014 and your New Year’s resolutions off on the right foot right from the palm of your hand.