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Brand New Year, Same Old Scam

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You have an incoming call from an area code you don’t recognize. When you don’t pick up the phone, you receive a voice mail message asking you to call back to claim a winning prize or to hear important information about someone you know. The common element is you’re told to call a certain number back right away.

A scam? Of course it is.

One such variation from the 473 area code (Grenada) popped up this month in Utah. Like a technological three-card Monte con game, this scam in some form has been around for years.

To protect yourself, do not return a call to an area code you don’t know. You can always check the location of unfamiliar area codes by going to the NANPA (North American Numbering Plan Administration) website or by conducting a simple Google search of the suspect area code and viewing the top result.

If you get persistent calls from the same number, you can block it at no charge through your My Verizon webpage.

Be safe. Always know who – and to where – you’re calling.