Spoiler-Proofing TV Viewing

Whether it’s a sporting event or major series finale (ahem … “Breaking Bad”), the details of your favorite programs can be sacred, especially when you haven’t seen them yet.

With more TV fans using DVR or mobile devices to time-shift their viewing, many run the risk of seeing a dreaded spoiler on social media. Some of the same technology that makes spoilers possible, however, can now help block them.

Spoiler Shield is an app that can help protect you from seeing social media posts for more than 30 television shows as well as NFL games. Once you’ve downloaded the app, select the shows and teams to block, and the app will keep potential spoilers hidden until you are ready to join the conversation.

Companies are seeing the impact of viewers taking to social networks to discuss original programming. As a result, during the series finale of “Breaking Bad”, Netflix launched Spoiler Foiler for fans to block tweets that would give away the ending. Protecting fans was also a hot topic at the recent TVnext Hack event in Boston. A 17-year-old won the competition after developing Twivo, a spoiler-blocking “Tivo for Twitter.”

With some highly anticipated TV programming coming up, including the fourth season of “Downton Abbey” and the Super Bowl, don’t let yourself get caught in the spoiler-verse with your guard down.