Tech Trends: 2013 in Review

The year 2013 brought innovations in wireless technology that help make our lives simpler, safer, more convenient and just plain fun. Here’s a look at last year’s innovations that will shape this year’s trends.

Wearable tech 

New wearable accessories are incorporating smart technology. The Samsung Galaxy Gear, for example, puts your smartphone on your wrist. The color touch screen displays the time and weather and can shoot photos and video. You can also see notifications from the screen and accept incoming calls on a built-in speaker.

If you are a fitness buff, the Fitbit Surge is a sleek wristband that doubles as a watch. It monitors sleep quality, steps taken, distance traveled, stairs climbed, calories burned and more.

The smart home

Smart homes are no longer just the topic of futuristic sci-fi movies. The Belkin HD Wi-Fi Camera helps take care of security by allowing you to keep an eye on your home while you’re away. The camera sends you email or text alerts when it detects motion.

Mobile commerce

Mobile devices are bringing convenience to shopping and can even help you save money. Softcard Mobile Wallet* lets you securely store digital versions of your credit cards, loyalty cards, coupons and other special offers. You can pay for items and redeem coupons via your smartphone using NFC (near-field communication) without ever swiping a card.

*UPDATE: Google and Softcard have completed an agreement that will leverage the best technology from both companies to create a more robust mobile wallet for consumers. The mobile payment system will keep the Google Wallet name. Read more here.