Manage Work and Life Even Better in 2014

Getting better organized at work is a top resolution for many in the New Year. People who set resolution goals, such as finding better ways to manage their careers, are 10 times more likely to achieve their goals than people who don’t. This year, help tackle your work-related resolutions easily with wireless technology.

Lack of organization often stems from the mountains of paper accumulated throughout the year. With accessories like the ION Audio Aircopy Wireless Scanner, wirelessly scan receipts, business cards and more to manage, organize and store digital records.

To improve concentration, try using headphones to reduce background noise. The Bose AE2w Bluetooth headphones let you wirelessly enjoy music (or silence) as you focus on any task, big or small. The around-ear headphones fit comfortably for hours, letting you move around the office freely. You can even connect to multiple devices to listen to music, take a conference call or reflect on the mess to conquer.

If you’re a road warrior, any tool for conducting business and staying organized on the go is a bonus. The GRID-IT! Organizer helps store and carry all your chargers, cables and assorted gadgets in one place so you’ll never be left guessing whether you’ve left anything behind.

Make this the year to get organized once and for all. Now where did I put that charger?