How to Avoid Spoilers During the Sochi Winter Games

If heading to Sochi to take pride in your country’s top athletes isn’t a possibility, there are numerous ways to keep up with the Olympics. But what about those times when you can’t watch live or your favorite event is tape-delayed and you don’t want to see spoilers on the news or on your social media channels? Here are the best tips to help avoid spoilers.

Avoid all news outlets: Whether it’s online, print or broadcast – avoid reading and watching the news. It’s a challenging feat, as many people turn to their smartphones and tablets to get the latest national or local news, both of which, of course, usually cover the Winter Games at some level.

Block out social media: This, too, might be a competition in its own right. In 2012, the Summer Games dominated social media, making many fans angry that they learned who won before they had a chance to watch the competitions. If you are unable to watch the latest competition live, avoid logging into Twitter, Facebook or any other social media channel so you don’t find out the winners before watching the events yourself. 

Filter your friends and followers on social media: If you just can’t live without social media, create filtered lists. Go through your fans and followers and create a list of those who are likely to post updates about the Olympics and make sure that their status updates are hidden from your main feed. This allows you to still go on your favorite social media channels without the risk of learning the results.

Update your mobile device: Although your smartphone or tablet is programmed to provide you with the latest updates and help keep you connected, it can steal the excitement of watching the competition live to see who wins. In order to disconnect from your smartphone, delete all apps, including social media. If you can’t refrain from these apps, make sure you turn off your phone’s notifications so you’re not tempted to click through to see the latest winners. 

If you want to remain a proud prime-time viewer of the Winter Games and retain the element of surprise, trying following this advice.