Beyond Groceries: A Delicious Meal Could Start at Your Doorstep

Getting to the grocery store can be a struggle if you are a workaholic with no time or a parent who’d rather not drag your kids to the market. Your busy, chaotic life may mean a lot of take-out or drive-through fast food. If you would like to start cooking more and making smarter mealtime decisions for your family, there are mobile and online offerings that will deliver the ingredients of a healthy meal right to your door.

Whether you are taking the bus home from work or waiting to pick up the kids from school, you can access the Peapod and FreshDirect apps on your smartphone or tablet to grocery shop when you’re on the go. You can look at your past orders, create new shopping lists, review nutritional information and check out weekly specials –all from the apps. Alternatively, Schwan’s specializes in frozen food delivery and offers more than 350 options.

Plated and Blue Apron are online services with easy-to-use mobile pages that deliver fresh, local ingredients for healthy meals. For example, you can select “Chili-Rubbed Flat Iron Steaks” from the menu at Blue Apron and they will deliver the ingredients prepped, measured out and ready for you to turn into a culinary masterpiece. All you have to do is choose the meals you want and the number of mouths you’re feeding. The company also provides special menus based on your dietary needs.

Don’t let your schedule dictate your ability to eat smart. Nutritious ingredients can come to you.