Tech Gear Drives a Great Race Experience

How can savvy Daytona race fans make 200 laps even more fun? That’s easy -- with a turbo-charged lineup of smart wireless gear.

Along with their high-speed 4G LTE smartphones and tablets, fans can choose from dozens of smart accessories to boost the fun at the iconic race and all year long.

Thousands of fans will fuel up on hot dogs, hamburgers and other grub, grilled up at parking lot barbecues. But who wants to stand over hot coals when you could be taking part in cooler tailgating festivities. The iGrille wireless meat thermometer is a savory solution that lets you monitor the BBQ vittles remotely from your iPhone or Android, and will send you an alert with the chow is charred to perfection.

Maybe you want to emulate your favorite Daytona driver tradin’ some paint. The Griffin TC MotoRally RC race car is controlled with your smartphone or tablet, and has features such as impact sensors that create an ultra-realistic racing experience. Pretend you’re on Turn 3 and deliver a little virtual damage to your opponent’s rig. And the Griffin’s USB-rechargeable battery makes pit-stops quick as a professional crew.

Once you’re in the grandstand to watch the great race, you’ll want free hands to high five or hold a cool beverage. But what about capturing and sharing some of the amazing sights and sounds? The lightweight GoPro Hero 3+ video camera will clip onto your ballcap (with optional mount) and let you capture race action for your social media friends who weren’t lucky enough to make it to the speedway.

Some fans like to listen to a race broadcast while they watch live, but the roar of the engines proves too powerful. A wide variety of high-fidelity Bluetooth headphones can fix this deafening dilemma. Stream any audio content from your phone to the headgear, and get a rich experience for your ears as well as your eyes.

After the finish, it might be a challenge finding the family car among 200,000 fans…but not with the Delphi Connect communicating with your smartphone. In addition to locating your auto remotely, it opens doors, starts the engine, and can decipher that cryptic “check engine” warning.

For dozens more smart accessories to make your daily drive and experiences at Daytona even more enjoyable, steer here.