Wireless Tech for Drivers

Pulling over to check a paper map during a road trip is so 20th century. Whether it’s updated navigation systems or real-time traffic warnings, mobile technology has permanently changed the way people travel.

Regardless of the technology, a reliable 4G LTE network is essential for commuters to enjoy their wireless gadgets. Devices such as the Delphi Connect, for example, allow drivers to check their vehicle’s health, location and past trips before getting out on the road. And it’s the network which relays that information about the battery voltage or speed from the vehicle to a related wireless device. VZ Navigator is another convenient app that gives users the ability to listen to directions while driving. VZ Navigator provides re-routing capabilities, so drivers are immediately re-routed when they make a wrong turn, and the turn-by-turn voice navigation is a safer and more convenient alternative to glancing at a map while driving.

There’s nothing worse than starting out early, only to get stuck in a traffic jam. Most mobile maps today also provide live traffic reports. These reports give drivers warnings about accidents, hazards, police traps, road closures and more, enabling drivers to choose a different route to avoid delays. Waze even has community-based updates, so drivers can hear from real people traveling the same routes. These updates could help make being late to work a rare occurrence.

Driving long distances, on the other hand, often requires the need to make rest stops for food, gas and maintenance. Google Maps enables users to find specific restaurants and shops within the area where the driver is located. No more do drivers have to depend solely on traffic signs to see the next stops.

Whether it’s going for long road trips or navigating through the big city, the combination of mobile maps and 4G LTE have transformed the way the world travels.