Everything You Need to Know About Softcard Mobile Wallet®

With the national rollout of Softcard Mobile Wallet* in 2013, you can now walk into your favorite stores and be able to pay for products using your Android and iOS smartphones. The convenience of paying with your smartphone is certainly appealing, so for those ready to download the app, here are some answers to the commonly asked questions.

What is Softcard Mobile Wallet?

Available in Google Play and the iOS App Store, Softcard Mobile Wallet transforms your smartphone into a virtual wallet that safely stores your eligible credit cards, participating loyalty cards and coupons in one convenient place. Simply download the app, create an account, upload your cards and enjoy the perks of receiving personalized offers from your favorite retailers.

How does it work?

Using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, Softcard allows select Android and iOS smartphones to “communicate” with credit card readers that accept contactless payments. With more than 200,000 merchants nationwide, like Toys“R”Us and Jamba Juice, already accepting payments made with Softcard Mobile Wallet (and more coming onboard this year), there are plenty of nearby places you can use Softcard. Once you’re ready to checkout, simply tap your phone over an NFC-enabled card reader, and you are good to go. While many Android devices have NFC technology embedded within them, iOS devices require NFC enabled cases, such as the Incipio® Cashwrap™ Case in order to take advantage of the Softcard Mobile Wallet.

What’s in it for me?

With Softcard, there’s no need to carry your wallet everywhere you go or even clip coupons. You’ll even receive exclusive promotions from participating retailers that you can store in your wallet and save for later. The app also lets you to search for offers from merchants, so you’ll always have access to the latest deals.

Is it safe to use?

In many ways, using Softcard is actually safer than carrying a traditional wallet. With the ability to password protect your device and create a personalized PIN for the Softcard app, there are multiple layers of security to protect your credit cards from unauthorized use. If your phone does become lost or stolen, you have the ability to manage your Softcard Mobile Wallet online or over the phone and freeze your account. Also, if someone repeatedly enters your PIN number incorrectly, your Softcard Mobile Wallet will be automatically suspended to prevent unauthorized use.

What makes Softcard different than other mobile wallets?

Softcard is considered an accepted form of payment from nationally recognized banks and credit card networks such as American Express, Chase and Wells Fargo. And, because it’s safe, secure and easy to use, more merchants accept Softcard than any other mobile wallet.

To learn more about how Softcard is revolutionizing the shopping experience, visit the Verizon Wireless or Softcard websites. Data usage applies for app download and use.

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*UPDATE: Google and Softcard have completed an agreement that will leverage the best technology from both companies to create a more robust mobile wallet for consumers. The mobile payment system will keep the Google Wallet name. Read more here.