Step Up Your Heart Health with the Latest Technology

Every 33 seconds, someone in the United States dies from a form of cardiovascular disease, resulting in nearly 1 million fatalities every year. This disease can often be prevented, however, through healthy eating habits, regular exercise and routine health monitoring that includes an open dialogue with your doctor.

February is American Heart Month, and there are several mobile accessories that can help you maintain and monitor your heart health in the convenience of your own home.

Visiting a doctor is important to monitoring heart health, but in between visits the iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor offers a way to measure your blood pressure, heart rate and pulse wave. The measured data then syncs with the related mobile app to create charts that track blood pressure patterns and results can be shared with family members or your doctor.  

Another wireless solution is the iHealth Wireless Pulse Oximeter. Ideal for athletes and fitness buffs, this noninvasive tool monitors blood oxygen saturation and pulse by shining two light beams into the capillaries of your finger, which reflect the amount of oxygen in your blood when you slip your finger inside the device. The data can also be uploaded to iOS devices to view trends or share with your doctor.

The Withings Pulse Activity Tracker provides you with your own personal, portable device that measures your heart rate, steps, elevation, distance and calories burned. The device is small enough to be stored in your pocket or purse or clipped to your clothing, and it can also monitor sleep and log meal information for a complete picture of your health. The accessory uses Bluetooth to sync information to the app for both Apple and Android devices.

Healthy heart habits can be learned at an early age. The ibitzPowerKey, for example, is a movement tracker that turns your child’s activity into a game. The durable, water-resistant tracker can be attached to a child’s shoe and then uploads physical actions to a virtual pet app where new movements unlock different games and levels for your child to play. Your child’s progress can be synced directly to your iOS device.

Learn more ways to maintain a healthy heart with additional accessories and apps.