Increasing the IQ of your Kitchen and Laundry Room with Smart Appliances

The LG’s Smart ThinQ French door refrigerator, for instance, uses a Wi-Fi enabled LCD display to manage calendars, check the weather, leave digital notes -- “don’t touch my chocolate milk” -- and display family photos, making the room where you spend so much of your time that much more customized.

No more agonizing over what’s for dinner. Download recipes based on your refrigerator’s contents, and, if you have the LG Smart Range, send the recipe right to the stove to make cooking a snap. Back to that cottage cheese -- the “food management system” will remember what you have and know when to replace it. With this tool, you can create shopping lists that are accessible on your smartphone.

Another smart appliance is the Samsung Wi-Fi-enabled washer and dryer. This machine allows you to stay connected to the washer cycle without having to remain close by. You can, via a wireless router, Samsung smartphone and mobile app, monitor cycle selections, set remaining time and finishing alerts, and remotely start or pause the washer. This is a huge benefit for busy families who spend time running back and forth from the laundry room trying to estimate when the load is done. Or maybe you just want to start the wash so it’s ready for the dryer when you return from work, rather than experiencing a mildew smell.

Both LG and Samsung are also taking advantage of the Internet to help fix appliances that experience service issues. For example, Wi-Fi Smart Diagnosis helps troubleshoot service issues, limiting costly, inconvenient service calls and in-home visits. Now that’s smart. 

Mobile connectivity isn’t just for your laptop anymore. Today’s kitchens and laundry rooms are benefitting from a wireless boost that helps you grocery shop and diagnose repair issues, stopping just short of actually completing the honey-do list.

How many times have you reached the grocery store only to struggle with whether you really have, say, cottage cheese at home? And if so, is it expired? Wouldn’t it be useful to access that information and an inventory of all your fridge’s contents from your smartphone? Smart appliances can help you do just that.