The Modern-day Marriage Proposal

The idea of a private and intimate marriage proposal delivered on one bended knee has evolved today to include a smartphone, tablet, social media or even a flash mob. Technology has transformed a classic tradition, resulting in quite a few over-the-top videos and many likes, views and shares that have raised the bar for lovebirds everywhere.

Couples these days often feel compelled to record their proposals on smartphones and tablets so they can upload them to video-sharing sites for family, friends and complete strangers to see. In fact, some of the most popular marriage proposal videos on YouTube last year had close to 30 million views each.

In one such video, a man used the biggest screen he could find to ask the biggest question of his life, filming an extended movie trailer that played in a public theater while his bride-to-be was just expecting to take in a movie. The trailer ends with the real husband-to-be coming into the theater to pop the question in the flesh.

One of the benefits of a modern-day marriage proposal is using technology to involve friends and family. One husband-to-be put together a video with his bride-to-be’s entire family urging her to say yes. He even enlisted in the help of actor Zach Braff to seal the deal – talk about star power.

Technology even allows some proposals to take flight. An afternoon in the park for one couple turned into a moment they’ll remember forever when a remote-controlled helicopter drone delivered the ring to complete his high-tech proposal.

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