Karen Schulz’s Must-have Apps

According to a 2013 Compuware study, only 16 percent of people will try out an app more than twice if it didn’t impress them right off the bat. Furthermore, 80 to 90 percent of users uninstall an app after giving it just a single try. So, when I find a great app – one I find myself relying on again and again – I think the right thing to do is to share it. Here are four of my favorites:

1) Google Keep – Google Keep is my favorite app for making small notes and reminders. I quickly enter notes and am able to neatly organize and color-code them, plus I can set reminders for the right time or place. I use the app to make checklists for shopping or cleaning, remind myself to pay a bill or pick up a gift for a bridal shower, save voice notes or photos and annotate anything. Best of all – my lists and notes are with me on my smartphone and also sync with my computer and tablet.

2) NFL Mobile – Anyone who knows me understands I am a big fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. NFL Mobile helps me watch games live and stay on top of scores and stats even if I can’t be at home to watch on my TV.

3) Goodbudget – This app is great for managing a household budget. I simply create virtual “envelopes,” categories of expenses like “groceries” and “eating out,” and enter how much money to place in each category. Throughout the month, I enter each expense as I make purchases. The app shows me how much I have left to spend in each category and helps me track my overall spending.

4) First Aid – American Red Cross – The simple instructions and videos in the American Red Cross’ First Aid app guide me through all kinds of common first aid situations. Once downloaded, I can access this content with or without an Internet connection so I am always prepared. I can also test my knowledge of lifesaving techniques using the quiz section. The interactive quizzes are great games for kids and teens to play to learn basic skills as well.

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This is part of the Verizon Wireless Must-have Apps series, which provides insights into the apps that people use every day to embrace the mobile lifestyle.