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Industry Analyst and Road Warrior Mike Sapien’s Must-have Apps

Mike Sapien, principal analyst at Ovum Research (Enterprise Practice) is an industry expert and global road warrior who travels extensively for work and pleasure. While his must-have apps list changes every six months, here are his current top five:

1. ESPN SportsCenter – I have to have sports scores available all the time. I cannot leave it to the local news or TV news. I need the final score in any time zone to follow my teams and sports at all levels (college and pro).

2. Pandora – I need music during my travels for personal and business trips, but also like to use Pandora while in my backyard Jacuzzi. I get current music (“Blurred Lines,” “Out of My League”) to dinosaur rock (Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart) anytime with no commercials.

3. Amazon Kindle – I read many books while traveling, especially during the long, unexpected delays. The Kindle app helps me pass time while waiting for the ‘typical’ mechanical problem that automatically adds at least an hour to any flight.

4. CBS Sports Fantasy Football – I track my fantasy football team from any time zone to get my results, set my lineup and get the standings.

5. MapMyWalk and Google Maps – This is a tie! Google Maps has helped in so many cities, so many traffic situations and so many cases. But I have just started using MapMyWalk to get in my two-mile morning walk in any city where I am. Morning walks have helped with exercise and increased my knowledge of the cities where I travel. I am also waiting for Google to integrate Waze features into Google Maps.

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This is part of the Verizon Wireless Must-have Apps series, which provides insight into the apps that people use every day to embrace the mobile lifestyle.