Ski Resorts Turn to Wireless Tech

Ski season is well underway and many are bundling up and hitting the slopes. Gloves, boots and jackets have always been on the check list when packing for a ski trip, but what about having the right technology to help ensure a smooth trip? Today’s skiers and snowboarders can stay up to date on slope conditions, the weather and resort activities – all from a mobile device.

One of the best ways for skiers or snowboarders to either plan their trip or make the most of their day after they arrive at a particular resort is to download the resort’s app. With the Mount Snow Resort mobile app, for example, visitors can receive snowfall and condition reports, check to see if any trails or lifts are closed, and, when they are on the mountain, locate themselves on a trail map and record the distance and altitude of runs.

“Our customers love and rely on our app. One of the most popular features is the tracking function, where they can record the verticals they ride and view a daily, monthly and yearly leaderboard to see how they stack up to the other regular customers, creating a healthy competition and camaraderie,” said Mount Snow Resort’s Communications Manager Dave Meeker.

Meeker has also seen an uptick in the use of social media by skiers and snowboarders who are on the slopes. They are taking and sharing pictures of the views and of each other while enjoying the mountain. Social media has proven to be a great way for the resort to interact with customers and get a hold of some great shots of the mountain that they can then share on social sites.

In order to access apps and social media sites while on the slopes, visitors and resort employees must have cell service and many count on the speed and footprint of Verizon Wireless’ 4G LTE network.

“Verizon Wireless is the carrier we use on the mountain because it truly does have the best signal on top of the mountain, and in the area,” Meeker says.  “Let’s face it, Vermont has been known to have less-than-ideal service, but with Verizon we get the best coverage, hands down, so it’s who we use.”

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