Tips for Switching Smartphones

Don’t you just hate it when you buy something new, fall in love with it and then something sleeker, faster or shinier catches your eye?

With the Verizon Edge program, however, you have the freedom to be fickle. Verizon Edge lets you pay for your phone over 20 months rather than paying for it all upfront. You pay only the first month’s installment and applicable taxes at the time of purchase and then make monthly payments.  You can also choose to apply the installment to your first bill.

After a minimum of 30 days, if you’ve paid for at least 60 percent of your phone, you have the option to turn it in and Edge Up to that sleek new device you’ve been eyeing without any upgrade fees.

Before you change devices, here are some tips for making the switch seamlessly and safely.

Back up your data. Consider visiting the nearest Verizon Wireless store to have your data transferred from your current device to your new one. You may also choose to make the transfer yourself. Either way, make sure you have your contacts, photos and other data saved before you switch devices. Verizon Cloud offers secure cloud storage to wirelessly back up and sync the content on your mobile device so it’s still accessible if you lose or change devices.

Make note of your privacy settings. Once you switch devices, your menu options may change, but you’ll likely be able to set the same privacy settings on the new device. For example, you may set your device so that if it is lost or stolen, all data will be erased after the wrong password is tried too many times.

Make a list of your favorite/must-have apps. Whether for work or play, you’ll likely want to personalize your new device just like your old one. App stores may vary in the apps they offer. Having a list of the apps you want will help you navigate the options to find the same apps or apps similar to those you had before.

Wipe your old phone clean. Once you’ve backed up your data, don’t forget to restore your old phone to its original settings. You don’t want to leave sensitive personal data on a phone. Consider donating the old device to Verizon’s HopeLine program, which recycles and refurbishes no-longer-used cell phones, using the proceeds to support local organizations. Alternatively, you could also recycle your used mobile phone through Verizon Wireless’ Device Recycling program. As part of the program you may be able to trade in your device for a Verizon Wireless gift card.

Do your OS homework. Operating systems differ. It’s easy to compare devices on or stop into a Verizon Wireless store to chat with an expert about which OS is right for you. If you have more questions about this feature or want to learn other tips to maximize your smartphone or tablet, visit a free in-store Wireless Workshop.