The Beauty of Technology

What would life be like if you could blink your eye to change the TV channel? Or if by painting your nails, you could open the door to your office building? How do beauty and technology work together now, and how will they work together in the future?

There are already apps that integrate technology and beauty. ModiFace, for example, features advanced virtual makeover technology with facial recognition. It allows you to take a snapshot of your face, do a skin analysis, and see what makeup would look best on you. Alternatively, Beautified offers a list of expertly-curated salons and spas, so finding and booking an appointment, even on the same day is easy. From a preventative standpoint, MySkin allows you to scan and evaluate your moles so that you can keep track of them over time. But what’s next in terms of beauty and technology advancements goes beyond apps.

According to a recent study conducted by Wakefield Research, 91 percent of Americans are excited about wearable tech. The study also shows that when it comes to wearing tech, 73 percent of people want a gadget that blends into their everyday clothing, rather than drawing attention to itself. This year at the Consumer Electronics Show, wearable technology took center stage, featured in smart watches, fitness bands and camera goggles. But what’s next?

Katia Vega, a beauty tech designer based out of Brazil, is looking to figure this out. Vega plans to build computers into basic accessories like fingernails, eyelashes and makeup. Coined as “beauty technology,” the principle is similar to most wearable tech, only here the actual tech is disguised, blending into your look or personal style.

”I'd be very interested in seeing how and when runway shows start incorporating this responsive beauty technology into their shows and presentations,” said Carina Hsieh of TheFashionStudent.

The fashion and beauty industries are already starting to embrace technology. Just this past year, Kate Spade partnered with eBay to leverage mobile engagement data to decide where to open a new flagship store in New York City. And Rebecca Minkoff recently partnered with Stellé Audio to create a clutch that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, allowing users to take phone calls and play music from a handbag.

“Fashion and beauty, just like technology, is constantly evolving. One day there will probably be lipstick that lets you know if the guy you’re kissing is a keeper,” said Yvonne Kai of HeyDoYou.

As technology becomes further ingrained in the fashion and beauty industries, expect to see this new tech space grow.