Connecting Your Health

We’ve all been there before – telling a white lie to our dentist about how often we brush our teeth. Now you can consider using mobile technology to help assess and improve your dental hygiene.

The recently announced Kolibree electric toothbrush, for instance, links to your smartphone and records details from every brushing, motivating you to brush better and hit those hard-to-reach spots. At Mobile World Congress 2014, several web-enabled toothbrushes were demonstrated, linking a smartphone to electric toothbrushes to record dental habits and data, a seemingly emerging trend.

There are also several apps available to take hygiene management a step further. Brush DJ is an app that brings a little fun to your tooth brushing routine by allowing you to jam out to exactly two minutes of music from your phone’s music library. Once the music stops, your tooth brushing is complete. As an added bonus, you can use the app to set reminders for switching to a new toothbrush and scheduling a dental check-up. It’s a great tool for parents to motivate and track their children’s brushing habits.

Habit List can help you pursue good overall hygiene habits and break the bad ones. This tool lets you schedule floss sessions and other daily hygiene tasks and weekly routines. 

You likely have appointments organized on your smartphone calendar and tasks accessible with the click of a button from your tablet. Now your wireless device can go beyond helping you manage your daily schedule to making a difference in your dental hygiene.